Bathroom Makeover

MBath- BA2

Wall Color:

Aspen Grey by Valspar

Tile and Fixtures:


Cabinet Refinishing Tutorial

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…First, gather your Tools and Materials…

Palm Sander

60 grit & 150 grit sandpaper

Extension cord (if needed)

Screwdriver- whichever kind is appropriate to remove the hinges from the doors and base of your cabinet.

(1) Quart Oil-based Black paint (preferably Satin Impervo by Benjamin Moore);                                                                                                                                                                                           you can always substitute a latex-based satin or semi-gloss, if oil paint is unavailable in your area.

(1) Qt. Oil-based QuickDry Varnish in Satin by Sherwin Williams

Dark Gel Stain- it’s really your choice depending on the look your going for; but, I used Mahogany

2-3″ Angled Brush (be sure to use the proper brush for oil and latex paint accordingly)

High-Adhesion Tape

Low-Adhesion Tape

Latex Gloves

Canvas Drop Cloth

Saw/Work Horses

(2) Scrap 2x4s or similar


1) Set up work horses in your garage, shed or another well-ventilated area not prone to dust, pollen, etc. Place (2) 2×4’s (or similar) on the saw horses parallel to one another. The 2x4s should be far enough apart from one another to support the top and bottom of your doors to prevent any chance of tipping. Place a canvas drop cloth over the 2x4s.

2) Remove the Vanity Doors- As you’re removing, use a sharpie to number them in a place that will not be painted or write on the door and cover with a piece of tape (to be peeled off when your done to reveal the number); this will save you time when you’re rehanging them as often times the screw holes are specific to the location where they were originally hung. Layout your doors on the 2x4s, side by side and front-side down to start.

3) Remove all hardware and place in a container with all the screws, and place in a safe location.

4) Using the 60 grit (course) sandpaper, sand the fronts and backs of the doors thoroughly until the gloss of the original finish is removed and you are down to raw wood. Be sure to sand with the grain of the wood. Wipe the doors down with Mineral Spirits.

5) Using the black paint (shaken and stirred thoroughly), brush the back of the doors. Be sure to move your brush in the direction of the grain of the wood (center panel first, horizontal pieces then vertical pieces, then outside edges). Leave to dry overnight.

6) With high-adhesion tape, tape along the bottom base of the vanity between the floor and the toe-kick. Tape the wall adjacent to the vanity with low-tack tape.

7) Sand the base of the vanity thoroughly until the gloss of the original finish is removed and you are down to raw wood.

8) After the dust has settled, brush the vanity base with the black paint (horizontals then verticals)

9) Let dry overnight

10) Flip the doors over and paint the back of the doors.

11) Using your palm sander and 120 grit sandpaper or similar, distress the edges of the vanity to reveal the raw wood under the coat of black. This can also be done using mineral spirits on a rag and wiping the edges, or hand-sanding with a sanding sponge or a piece of sandpaper. I just prefer the sander method for speed’s sake. The more you wood you show, the more depth you will get. If going for a formal look, distress less. For more on Distressing Techniques, click HERE.

12)  Wipe down the vanity with mineral spirits

13) Put on your gloves.

14) Using a rag, wipe the gel stain over all the surfaces. Repeat for a richer tone until satisfied allowing dry-time according to the directions on the can between each coat.

15) Repeat steps 11-14 for each side of the doors allowing to dry thoroughly before flipping.

16) Varnish vanity base and both sides of doors with at least 2 coats. The SW Quickdry Varnish should be dry to the touch in 30-45 minutes.

17) Attach hinges to doors

18) Attach doors to base

19) Attach remaining hardware as needed.

20) Remove tape.

21) Take pics and share your experience on our Forum