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larraLarra Campbell
Medium/Craft- Painted Furniture, Fine Finishes & Wares, Stained Glass, Photography
Style- Organic Eclectic
Locations- Cape May, Philadelphia, Savannah
Story- Apprenticeships in Stained Glass and Architectural Restoration & Refinishing, Faux Finishing…more




Christie Smith
Medium/Craft- Watercolors, Oil on Canvas, Murals, Fine & Faux Finishes
Style- Refined Contemporary
Locations- Savannah, Chicago
Story- Michigan State University, Bachelor of Fine Arts…more



Carl Popadick
Skill- Fine Carpentry
Style- Traditionalist (if there ever was one)
Location- Lancaster, Philadelphia
Story- Oh where, oh where does one begin with the story of the “ole Woodfitter.” Well, it all started in a Spencer’s gift store in 1994… more


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